The need for Medical Transportation

In households where one member may be elderly, handicapped or have a prolonged illness, NEMT services help ease the stress on other household members who are possibly stretched to the limit in their caregiving efforts.
Voluntary transport programs may or may not be readily available at times needed. Thus, the NEMT service can provide a support role to those programs, or vice versa. Federal policy too supports the dynamic of accessible medical services for US citizens at the present time.
Indirectly, this opens the business area for needed non-emergency medical transport services. Considering business structure, business and liability insurance coverage, population to be served, and planned marketing will require time and effort but may well be necessary for an NEMT start-up giving it life and longevity.
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If starting a business from scratch, buying an existing business, or joining a great team like ACC Medlink, there are numerous online resources. Some will be noted here later.

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A patient may be undergoing transfer from one facility to another, or to their dwelling. If the NEMT service provider has a background in EMT, or hires personnel…