The Possibilities of Medical Transportation

Medicaid provides funds for NEMT services in rural areas. The US Department of Agriculture also has a program in place to provide NEMT services to remote areas in the US. A rural area is defined as one having a population under 50,000 residents.

Communities apply for program service eligibility to the USDA. 

To help review and assess applications, the USDA uses the help of an organization known as the Community Transportation Association of America, CTAA. Representatives will visit communities in question, consider written documentation, interviews conducted, and ultimately determine a community’s eligibility reporting to the USDA its conclusions.

Mobility management is a buzz word in the NEMT industry. If one is starting a business, playing the mobility management card will help persuade hospital administrators that re-admits can be minimized. 

This is because services are in place to aid clients in getting to, and keeping their scheduled medical appointments. There are studies indicating the savings from hospital re-admission are substantial in communities where medical transport is alive and well.

Benefits Of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

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-Persons who have low incomes, reside in rural settings, have a disability or handicap benefit from NEMT services. They are accorded a sense of independence in being able to schedule and keep appointments be it for dialysis, an outpatient procedure, or follow-up appointment.

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-Healthcare providers benefit from NEMT services, as clients can be anticipated to keep scheduled appointments for follow-up or outpatient procedures and monitoring. Records can be thus maintained and data consistent with the overall patient’s well-being. Paramedics and EMTs benefit from having their skills utilized in a broader spectrum of the healthcare parameter.

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-Business benefits as technology and subsidiary services derive support from NEMT services. Vehicles require regular maintenance, software programs and hardware need to be updated and maintained by such service entities.
-The tax payer benefits in that costs are effective as hospital re-admissions are minimized and emergency room visits are curtailed.

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Business Resources

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